Premier Finishing recognizes and adapts to the ever changing environment of Just In Time Processing, Product Sequencing, Sub / Full Assembly Services, Packaging and Transportation. Our facility, team and process are completely malleable with the ability to execute your project’s specific needs in the most effective way possible.

Our experienced team of technicians and managers work directly with our client’s teams to develop solutions and support their sequencing, assembly and delivery needs in real time. Our team is skilled in rapid startup and transition needs while providing a flexible lower cost approach.


Our process and reporting ensures your products are on time, every time. We strive to have the correct part, finished to spec, in the correct sequence, delivered to the correct location every time.

We work to reduce your inventory by warehousing, finishing and sequencing your components in our facility while streamlining delivery as products are requested.


Premier’s team of dedicated employees provide all levels of assembly from sub assembly of products to fully assembled line ready components. Our Technician and Management teams design and implement efficient assembly processes to effectively handle any assembly need while always keeping our clients goals in mind.


Premier’s facility and team have the flexibility and capabilities to execute specialized packing needs. Our fleet and team of drivers can move your product making us a one stop shop for all coatings, packaging and transport needs.


Logistics, Assembly and Shipping
Logistics, Assembly and Shipping
Logistics, Assembly and Shipping